Choosing a Niche in Content Writing

During the beginner content-writing stage, a writer has little or no choice in matters of choosing a specific niche. At this point, you are so excited for the new-found craft that you want to try everything and be a jack of all trades. Later, you will come to realize that multitasking limits your creativity.

It is not an easy task to navigate through all the available topics under content writing and still manage to deliver quality content. Many people choose to stick to at least 3 areas and familiarise themselves with them in the long term.

How tiresome would it feel to be the front office personnel, the janitor, the mail person, and the accounts manager of the same company? Quite exhausting, right? This is how multi-niching can be described. Let’s define what a niche is and answer the questions that come along with it.


What is Content Writing Niche?

A niche refers to a specialized freelancing unit. As noted, content writing is a broad field with over 100 areas to write on. Press releases, blogging, copywriting, and ghost-writing are among those sub-areas. They can be broken down further.

For example, if you are into blogging, you can write about food, housekeeping, finance, digital marketing, cryptocurrency, homeschooling, pets, and a million other things. A niche prevents the confusion that comes with overloading your mind with these bits of different information.

Niching enables content writers to sharpen their skills in a given sector and raise their expertise. As a writer, it is alright not to be enthusiastic about certain topics. When you finally settle for one, it should be a niche that gives you joy, happiness, and money.


How to Choose a Niche

Different writers have different ways to help them make this decision. It may be the money that is generated when writing about certain topics, the freedom, or curiosity.

When choosing your niche, go for what excites you. Invest your time in research related to it. Most people who decide on sticking to a particular content writing area have either written about it before and liked it or are eager to learn about it.

Writing on a niche you are conversant and interested in helps you generate a deep mastery of the same. A blogger’s audience is always on the lookout for high-quality content. How best to offer them that than by researching and writing about it over and over again?

While multi-niching is not a bad idea, concentrating on one niche gives you deeper insights. It helps you create content that is in line with the idea. Diversifying to one or two other subjects related to your niche of choice is advisable. It broadens your line of thoughts on intertwined genres.


When is the Right Time to Choose a Niche?

There is no particular order in niching. When you finally realize your area of comfort, it’s time to jump ship and give it a try. You can do this within a few months of your content writing career or later on when you are more familiar with the ways of this industry.

Researching your desired niche further fuels your courage to making up your mind on what to pursue. Not everyone is comfortable in following a single path. If at some point you feel that the niche you chose doesn’t fit your needs and growth as a writer, you can always go back and start over.

If you are comfortable with handling more than one niche at the same time, it’s okay to continue doing so. But until you try investing in one of them, you will never know how relieving it can be


Factors to Consider Choosing a Niche

  • Your Passion

Passion is everything when choosing a niche. It dictates how well and comfortably you’ll fit in the field. Being passionate about one topic triggers you to work smart and always look forward to getting your next writing tasks. The last thing you want is a boring career.

  • Your Strengths

Let’s face it. You may be passionate about writing press releases but your being disagrees with you. It’s a matter of passion versus strength. Sometimes it gets impossible to pull through a task you like working on, despite the efforts you put into it. That’s the perfect time to diversify and go into that category in which you are strong. While at it, you can work on improving on the one you like but are weak at.

  • Marketability

If you are well acquainted in different sectors and you are wondering about the ones to drop and which ones to pay more attention to, choose the most marketable ones. Some niches never run dry as far as workflow is concerned. Before going fully on board, pay attention to the market status. Some niches are saturated while others are lacking in the workforce. If you can thrive on any given niche, go for the latter.


Types of Niches

There are so many niches in content writing that we can’t make a list of them all. Below are the most common ones:

  • Financial Niche

There are many sub-niches or topics that you can go for under this niche. Among them are insurance, taxes, credit cards, and many others. You may decide to create content for blogs, finance company’s social media platforms, or press releases. Among the topics, you can broaden on one or a multiple of them.

  • Technical Niche

This covers fields like software development, engineering, and areas involving modern technology. Their technicality discourages many content writers from venturing into them, leading to scarcity. Topics under this niche include blockchain, creation, and development of software, management of the supply chain, and more.

  • Creative Niche

Creativity is using your imagination to come up with unique content. Writing stories and publishing them in books and novels is part of this niche. Most people prefer to hire writers to come up with stories that will be published under their names. The writer gets no credit for the written content. This is known as ghostwriting. It is a marketable niche.

  • SEO Niche

This involves the creation of content that will boost the website’s rankings on search engines. It aims at refining the visibility of that particular site so that it appears on the first page of search results for the target audience. The content is designed using special keywords and other factors to make this possible.


In conclusion, finding a niche that suits you is the first step to perfecting your craft. It is advisable to keep an open mind and avoid rushing your decisions on the matter. If your mind is not yet made up, continue following multiple paths until you find the one that aligns with your potential and interests in content writing.

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