Great Ideas for Content Writing

With great content on your site, you will be able to engage your visitors and create new traffic from search engines. In content writing, the ultimate goal is to help your visitors see how good your content is; by doing so, they will start sharing the content with other individuals on their site, Facebook, newsletters, and other social media platforms. Your goal should be to engage with people offering them vital information on a specific topic in one place; it should not be about writing repetitive keywords and some endless drivel. When it comes to creating outstanding content, you should consider having a creative thought along with commitment. In this article, we shall be taking you through some great ideas that you should consider when doing content writing.

Content writing ideas

Some of the content writing ideas that will help in firing up your imaginations include the following;

  • Business lessons. When it comes to business content writing, it will be best to discuss topics that you have explicitly learned in your industry.
  • Great tools. Furthermore, you should review some useful tools you will use in your business and try to explain how you can use such tools; you can do this by creating a video or promoting an in-house tool and try to explain why it is beneficial. In addition to that, you can also talk about how a certain tool helps you save time and money every day.
  • Insightful lists. Almost everyone loves going through a list that is useful with great subjects such as Top 10 reasons… such lists are considered essential when it comes to content writing.
  • Common problems. It is best to pounder all common roadblocks; most individuals tend to come across when it comes to content writing. You might as well consider asking questions that most customers or other individuals would ask. In content writing, offering helpful answers to common questions is considered a gold mine of opportunity. This means that you have content that is loved by the targeted audience.
  • Industry news. As a content writer, you should consider providing opinion pieces on an industry that your visitors find interesting. For example, as a property management business content writer, you might comment on the rates of mortgages as they occur.
  • How-to tutorials. How-to content is an area that is loved by most individuals. In this section, you can write an approximately 5-steps process that teaches individuals how to perform some useful tasks or interview an expert and then write content about their insight.
  • Company culture and value. Try to figure out how it is like to be part of a team and how your values have helped build business and employee relationships.
  • Industry research. You might as well consider writing about research that is currently undergoing in an industry. Furthermore, you can make a prediction on how the new technology or policy will have an impact on the future of the company.
  • Industry events. If you have any industry event or conference coming up and have a relationship with your business, it will be a perfect time to write content about it. Nevertheless, you might as well consider writing about what had happened during the conference or event.
  • Seasonal variations. During special times of the year like Valentine’s Day or Christmas, you might consider writing how these times impact your business or things you do to celebrate.
  • Promotional content. As a content writer, you might as well consider hosting content and offer new products, free consultations, or tickets to events. You should also consider giving frequent updates on the progress of the promotion and always celebrating subsequent winners.
  • Trending topics. One of the best ways to create a potential to increase share on social media is by discussing relevant issues that are on-trend. As a content writer, you should jump in and promote your business with trading topics.
  • Re-purposing the existing content. When a topic is published or posted, you might consider turning the post into a video or a content writer; you can take the topic and give it an updated review after an extended period of time.
  • Educational. You can establish yourself as an expert and authority in a particular field; you can then write on what you are good at and offer a piece of inside knowledge and tip.
  • Incoming search terms. On your website, you should consider checking for the incoming search terms using the Google Webmaster Tool; once this is done, you can write more about queries searches on the website. The best part is that this method is considered a sure bet since, as a content writer, you will have knowledge of what your audience is interested in.
  • Most or best popular lists. Most consumers tend to love the most popular items that are recommended by other individuals; this is because the item has been tried and tested. Therefore, as a content writer, you should consider highlighting all the best-selling products, the best solution to a particular problem, or the highest-ranked service.
  • Provocative material. Often, you may contemplate ideas that tend to polarizes people. You should consider having a strong opinion or belief on things that are going around in the industry. There is no doubt that media love a bit of controversy; therefore, this can also be considered a great way of broadening your content’s coverage.
  • Myth-busting. This is a great way to attract visitors to your site. You can attract a great audience by dispelling some common myths that are often associated with your field or industry; this is considered an easy topic builder.
  • Lifehacks. There is no doubt that most individuals love learning new ways in which they can make their lives much more comfortable. As a result, you might consider offering an insight into how your service or product helps in improving your daily routine, save money, reduce hassle, and does not waste much time.

Final verdict

Usually, content writing entails planning, writing, and editing some great web content commonly used in digital marketing. Several great ideas will help in making your content writing skills more excellent, and by going through this article, we hope that these ideas will be of great assistance when it comes to sharpening your content writing skills.


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