Have you thought of writing but had no idea of where to start or whom to consult? If the answer is yes! Then this is the right article for you.

Most people think that content writing is simply crafting words and coming up with an essay-like article. Despite the fact that their description is not wrong, that is far from the correct description of what content creation entails.

It is a creative field that consists of a wide range of services that can be offered. Written content range from posts on social media, titles on podcasts, video scripts, speeches, press releases, copywriting among others.


What is Content Writing?

What comes in your mind when you hear the term content writing? Do you think of blog posts or the content that appears on your screen after clicking on the search results from search engines?

Content writing is a process that not only involves writing web content, but also planning on how to carry out the whole process. It also involves other tasks like editing the content as well aa proofreading to make sure that the final article is legible and free of errors.

It is not narrowed down to writing blogs as many people may think. Content creators or writers write articles for different media platforms as well as websites.

Different types of content job descriptions come with different rules, requirements as well as methods of writing. It is a content writer’s duty to follow the given guidelines and come up with the best possible article


How to Start Content Writing

It takes a strong will and abilities for one to become a content writer. Dedication is also needed in this field because everyday is a learning experience. You don’t have to be perfect, but the least you can do is try your best.

Good command of grammar is a necessity in content writing. How else are you going to pass the message across to the reader if your grammar is wanting? An article that is filled with errors is a turn off to the reader or the audience that is listening to the script.

Alignment of ideas is another thing that you need for you to get started in content writing. Know what to write in the introduction, body and conclusion. Articles that have a good flow are appealing to the readers and make them want to read till the end.

Have your concept right and do a thorough research on it. Deep research is what separates articles with the right data and those that are written for the sake of writing. Always be on the lookout for what other content creators are doing and be ready to incorporate a trick or two from their work.

Some content writing instructions require the writer to write in informative and professional tone, while others require a friendly or engaging tone. Be on the lookout for these requirements and do your due diligence.

With this information in mind, you are ready and set to conquer the world of content writing. Choose your desired niche and maximize on perfecting your skills on that end. If you are a beginner, identify a mentor and consult with them till you are able to stand on your own. Taking advice from other people in the same field is recommended but don’t utilize the information blindly. Research is key. Information is widely available and you can as well do it on your own.


Types of Content Writing Fields

Below are examples of different niches or fields in which you can follow during the beginning of your career. It is okay to have a change of heart at a later time and decide to follow a different content writing path as long as you are comfortable with it and more capable of working on it compared to the previous field.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is a great way to establish your career as a writer. It is an easy thing to do, seeing that in the current digital age, people as young as 10 years are well conversant with it.

As a beginner, blogging gives you a chance to build a portfolio that you can use as proof of your skills. This will not only help you win prospective clients, but also help you perfect your writing skills as well as typing speed.

You don’t have to start with a specific niche right away. You can write about any topic and specialise on one niche as you progress.

Use your blogging platform to store proof of your skills during it’s early days, then watch it get monetized as time goes by.


  1. Freelancing

This another way to improve your writing skills. Freelancing offers a platform where you can work as an independent writer, getting jobs from different clients based on your capabilities.

There are many platforms that connect freelancers with companies that need writing jobs done. Among them are Hirewriters, Upwork, Fiverr, WorknHire among others. All you need to do is create accounts, give detailed information about your writing skills and build a portfolio. Your competence will gain you the clients you deserve.


  1. Ghost writing

If you have a creative mind and you are wondering where to start, here is some great insight for you. Many people have what it takes to have their content appear on books, magazines and journal, but more often than not, they either don’t know where to start or have no resources to carry out the publishing cost.

Ghost writing offers you a platform to showcase your creativity without necessarily stepping onto the author’s spotlight. At the end of it all, your thirst for writing is quenched and you pocket a significant amount of money. After all, content writing is about fulfilling your desire for dishing out content and making money while at it.

In conclusion, there are more than a million things in the world to create content and write about. You only need patience, creativity commitment, the willingness to keep learning and a good command of the language you chose to write in. Soon enough you will be master at content writing.

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