Want To Develop A Rock-Solid Writing Group? Here’s How!

Finding a good writer who understands your mission, is passionate about the subject matter you’re focused on, and offers consistently high-quality content can be a daunting challenge.  True, the tools we make available at Hirewriters makes it somewhat easier to zero in on exactly the kind of talent you’re looking for, but it’s still a process and there’s still some trial and error involved.  That, unfortunately, is the nature of the business and no tool set, no matter how robust, will eliminate it completely.

Once you find the right writer though, and it frees up your time to focus on expanding your business, what inevitably happens is that you reach the point where one great writer isn’t enough, and you begin casting about for a second, and then a third.

You could simply repeat the steps you used to find your first awesome writer.  That’s effective, but there’s another approach that not only delivers great results but also enhances your relationship with the writers you’ve got by making them part of the process.

Ask them for a referral or recommendation.

Think about it:  You already have a good working relationship with the writer in question and you already trust him or her to deliver top-quality content for you on demand, why not leverage their expertise in other ways?

The world of freelance writers is smaller and more tightly knit than you may realize and most writers know others who are freelancing or who very badly want to break into the business, so why not leverage their network of contacts?

When you’re ready to expand your stable of writers, simply drop a note to your star performers and ask them if they know anybody else who might be looking for work.  Reassure them that you’re not going to cut them off or reduce the amount of work you’re giving them, but since you value their contributions so highly, you thought you’d touch base to see if they knew of any other like-minded people who might be a good fit.

The overwhelming majority of the time, the answer to that question is a resounding yes, and even if they’re not currently a member of Hirewriters.com, your star-performing writer can guide them to the site and get them set up, and then you’ve got an “in!”  Even though you don’t know this new writer personally, you know someone who does, which gives you a leg up in terms of making the initial contact and starting them off with their first assignments.

Honestly, the best approach is to do both; leverage the contacts that your best writers have, and continue to make use of the tools we provide to expand your writing staff.  By taking that approach, you maximize your chances of finding the writers you’re looking for quickly and efficiently and you make the writers you currently have more of an integral part of the process.  That’s win-win!

The bottom line is simply this:  Your writers are an incredibly valuable resource.  Use them to their fullest potential.