Content Is King, And Consistency Is Queen

No matter what business you’re in, you’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase ‘Content is King!’  It’s so often repeated because it’s true, and when the phrase is employed, the type of content invariably being referred to is the written word.

For years, people have been saying that with the explosive growth of images and video, text-based content was doomed to go the way of the dinosaur.  That hasn’t happened.  While it’s true that images and videos make a superb enhancement to your content, text is still King, and still serves as the bedrock of the internet.  That’s why our writers are always in such demand!  Despite the rumors, text-based content isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

But if content is King, what’s the Queen?  In our view, that title would have to go to consistency.  Studies have shown that internet visitors will come back to your site twice looking for new content.  If you don’t have anything to offer them, odds are excellent that they won’t come back a third time.  At that point, you’ve simply lost them.

That’s why maintaining a highly consistent publishing schedule is so important.  People rabidly consume online content, and if you only seldom offer them something new, and you do so at highly irregular intervals, you’re working against your own business.

When most people start building their online business, they tend to try to create all their own content.  It’s a good strategy and it works for a time, but at a certain point, the steady drumbeat of content creation can become a time sink that pulls you away from other aspects of growing your business.  Ultimately, that’s what prompts so many business owners to start exploring the possibility of outsourcing content creation.

Of course, finding and keeping great writers can seem to be a daunting task, and it is if you’re not using a well-crafted tool to aid you in that task, which is why was created.  We take the guesswork out of the equation.  All of our writers are pre-screened before they’re allowed to start accepting work, and we make a variety of tools available to site owners, designed to help them zero in on the perfect writer for the kind of content they want to have created.

Using these tools, you can tap into a deep pool of top-notch writing talent, securing not just one world-class writer, but as many as you need, which gives you more time to focus on actually growing your business and taking it to the next level.  In that respect, we regard ourselves and the writers who come to our site as your strategic partners.  We’re here to help make your business better and more profitable, and help keep your readers, customers and potential customers engaged.

If you’re a site owner and are currently bogged down with the daunting task of creating all your own content, and are looking for a way to free up more of your day, we invite you to come pay us a visit and see how we can help you.  Visit today!

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