Creating A Mesh Network Of Content

In the early days of the internet, content marketing was easy.  You did keyword research, you hired someone who could write competently, they created an article around your chosen keywords and you published it on your blog.  The end.

There are still a number of site owners pursuing that same basic strategy today, but they’re increasingly fewer in number.  The reason?  Simply that the internet is maturing and tastes are changing.  Content is still King, but the nature of the content is changing and evolving.  If you don’t change and evolve with it, you’re ultimately going to be left behind.

This reality makes good content creation more challenging, to be sure, but it also creates a raft of new opportunities.  For example, knowing that different net visitors have different preferences when it comes to consuming digital media, instead of simply catering to those who want to read an article, when you create your next batch of jobs on Hire Writers, why not take a multi-pronged approach?

Create a job to have an article written like you normally do.  Then create a job to turn that article into a video script that distills and condenses the main points of the content, accompanied by fun, colorful graphics that engage more of the viewer’s senses.  Then create a job to turn the distilled points covered in your text-based piece into an infographic.

Infographics are a powerful marketing tool because they’re so easily sharable and with practice, you can create IGs that regularly spread like wildfire from your core readership, allowing you to reach far more people than you ever have before.

Of course, any well-constructed IG will contain a link back to your site “for full details and additional information” which points them back to your longer and more in-depth blog post and gives you an easy way to dramatically expand your readership.  The same is true of your videos, which will point back to the longer, more in-depth article on your site.

Not only does this have incredible SEO impacts, but it enhances the value you’re creating by demonstrating to your readers, viewers and fans that you’re responsive to their preferences.

This is basically a more advanced version of using social media platforms to link back to your site, with the difference being that you’re creating unique variants of your best content and deploying them on some of the biggest and busiest sites on the web.

The good news is that this is far easier than it might appear.  After all, you can hire the same writer to create the variants you need, arising from the core piece of content he or she creates and depending on the writer, you’ll probably get the variants at a discounted rate since they’re using their own article as a springboard to create the rest.

As to converting video scripts into actual videos and distilled bullet points into colorful and attractive infographics, that’s often as simple as heading to or a similar site.  You’ll find all sorts of people who are happy to convert your original content into other forms and you’ll end up with a robust network of content that will wow your readers at every turn.

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