Inform. Entertain. Delight.

Most website owners are focused on one thing.  Creating content that contains information their customers or potential customers are searching for.  Most of this arises on the heels of keyword research that identifies terms users are searching on, then crafting articles around those keywords.  Sound familiar?

It’s an effective strategy as far as it goes, but if that’s all you’re doing, then you’re leaving money on the table.

Without a doubt, you can employ some flavor of the strategy above and turn your idea into a profitable business, but you can only grow so much by doing that.  The reason isn’t readily apparent, but it comes down to this:  People are complicated.  They want more than one thing.  The internet is as much an entertainment platform as it is the greatest repository of information in all of history and if you’re not creating entertaining and delightful content, you’re going to leave your readers less that completely satisfied.

Sooner or later, someone is going to enter the market you’re competing in and do it better than you, which will result in fewer eyeballs on your content, which in turn will start denting your bottom line.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to counter this.  While our talented subject matter experts are more than capable of churning out as much informative content as you’d like to produce, it’s not terribly challenging for our best writers, so give them a challenge!

Before you create your next job, reach out to your favorite writers and set up a friendly competition.  Give each writer the topic you have in mind and simply ask them how they would approach the subject matter to give it a unique, interesting, or innovative angle.

As the site owner, you know what kind of topics are the best fit for your readership, but your subject matter experts are much better positioned to come up with creative angles and unique slants for those topics, so why not leverage their expertise?

Not only will this give you the topical, keyword driven content you need, but it will help to ensure that the content that ultimately gets created sparkles with life it simply didn’t have before.  In addition to that, you’ll challenge and engage your best writers, pushing them to new heights of excellence and help ensure that they enjoy the assignment since you’re a) actively soliciting their input and making them part of the process and b) giving them more creative license.

Those are good things.  Not only will you come away with pound for pound better content, but your writers will be happier and you’ll give your readers content that hits all three of the triggers we outlined in the title of this piece.  They’ll be informed, entertained and delighted, and they’ll reward you for the extra bit of effort by enhancing your bottom line.

You can reach out to our skilled writers twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, so this is something you can start doing right now.  Here’s to your success!