Top Writing Strategies To Use In 2017

Contrary to popular belief, the top writing strategies are not fly by night techniques. Instead, they are deliberate and focused ways of creating unique content. These strategies can be seen in different forms. For instance, a writer may be taking their cue and recommendations from a teacher who has created a formal plan for their students or they may simply use a clever trick to remember how to spell a specific term.

Whatever the case, creative writers use effective strategies all of the time. That being said, please take a close look at some of the top writing skills that successful writers use to stand out from others in the same or similar industry.

Creating well-written prose is not always as simple as one may think. In fact, the most successful writers use various kinds of mental procedures as a guide for controlling the production of their writing. These mental procedures are often also referred to as writing strategies.

If you want to write engaging and dynamic material that captures your reader and guides them through the page, then you should try using a proven technique.

The strategies discussed below mostly boil down into the following 6 traits below:

  • Organization
  • Sentence Fluency
  • Ideas
  • Voice
  • Word choice
  • Conventions

Once a writer learns all of these traits, they can apply them effectively to a wide variety of different genres and uses.

The Types Of Writing Strategies

Some of the best-written novels have a variety of different things in common and they can be put into words. Simply stated, novels or short stories that grab their reader’s attention and refuse to let them go, may not be by accident but by strategies used to captivate their audience’s attention. For instance, here’s a few of the best strategies that successful writers use to keep the person reading until they have finished their book.

Make Sure the Reader is Hooked from the Beginning

Writers should make sure that they have a solid opening line to work with when they are writing. The writer will determine what that solid line is by offering each reader valuable information or a proposition that they cannot ignore. This strategy is excellent for keeping the reader on the hook and hanging in their until they have read every word on each page of the book.

Sincerity and Authenticity Wins

In this age of evolutionary changes, writers are often tasked with producing a publication that comes from the heart instead of the lips. Since the Internet has a lot of people online presenting their stories to the masses, they are not looking for knock off or counterfeits to steal their hearts. Instead one of the primary rules and guidelines for today’s writers is what comes from the heart will also reach the heart.

Make it Visual

Lots of words without the use of engaging the imagination is not considered be an effective way to gain one’s attention. This is why so many of today’s writers are tasked with making their writing visual. Visual writing usually entails capturing their audiences’ attention and keeping them engaged enough for them to clearly imagine sounds, smells, sights and even feelings.

Examples of Writing Strategies

When a writer begins a new blog, article, short story, book or any other writing, it is very important that they lead their readers in the direction that they want them to go. For example, some writers may ask an interesting question that gives the reader a chance to ruminate over their responses before they read more. Or, the writer may introduce a creative itinerary that explains where they really want to go. In either situation, the writer uses this strategy to set the tone.

Another great example, that writers use every day is speaking directly to their audience. One of the best ways to use this strategy is getting the reader actively involved by inquiring about their personal safety, their travel plans, holiday events and other situations that everyone can identify with.

Also, the more the writer lets the reader in on their personal situations, the better. For instance, what is writer’s first name, the name of their pet, and more? This method helps to build confidence and loyalty to a writer that they have never seen.

Further Strategies For Successful Writing

While there are many different examples that writers can review and consider to improve their writing styles, some of which tend to fit a writer’s style much more than others. In some situations, a writer may be privy to them all so that they can pick and choose which ones really work. Some of the most effective and beneficial are listed in the information below.

Identify Your Readers: Identify your readers so that you will know who they are. When the writer knows who will be reading their work, they can do a better job at addressing the subject matter that they are interested in.

Organize Your Content: Organize the content in a manner that makes the most sense. This will make it easier for readers to follow along without getting lost or confused.

Write Short Sentences: Short sentences are easier to read and understand. It helps the writer to avoid double negatives and provides better clarity.

The Importance Of Proper Writing Techniques

By now you should understand how important using these strategies are, and how to use several of them yourself.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of learning and practicing these strategies, while still reaping the benefits of well written content, then you should hire a professional writing service to handle the dirty work.

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