How To Write A Perfect Product Description

Product descriptions are simply copy writing that gives the necessary information about a product to the reader. This piece of writing when done right, can help visitors of a site who are interested prospects become loyal customers. Writing product descriptions will not only require basic writing skills, but also talent with words.

Your words as a product description or review have to pre-sell the product with the right combination of words that will make it more appealing to the potential buyer. There are a couple of key points on how to write the best product descriptions.

Making Your Product WOW Your Audience

If your readers are not getting hooked on your product descriptions, and are therefore not buying or signing up for product or service, then read on to find out how to make your descriptions shine.

Describe The Product Features

When we have a new product or launch a new application we’re usually so excited, and can be so keen about sharing the information about it. We want to share all the features that make up the application, the specs, etc, but frankly that’s not what your customers really want to be reading about.

If you’re going to be describing the features of your products, you’ll have to marry them with the benefits so that they can see what the product can do for them. You want your prospects to be aware of the problems your product will take away, and the value that could be added to their lives by using the product. When you do this, you have a better tendency of getting your customers to read further and probably buy the product.

Funny Product Reviews

Here, you need to make a decision? Do you want to write a regular product review that could possibly make someone nod off while reading, or do you want to write a product review that would be lively and filled with humor while learning about the product? Frankly, the choice is yours. However, if you really want to write a product review that will sell, then you need to be flexible in your writing tone and be funny, while passing the message on. No one ever wants to read a boring piece of work.

Simple Product Review Template

If you’re going to get people to read your product reviews then you’re going to need to learn to write in a scannable manor. Format your review in such a way that your readers can see your information at a glance. Use sub headings to describe sections, use bold letters for emphasis and then bulleting to list your items out. Also, try as much as possible to be both informative and concise, your readers don’t want to read long boring articles that will take forever to finish.

Effective Product Info Examples

These days, people don’t just go online and make purchases without proper research of the product. As a matter of fact, some people want real proof to ensure that the product description matches what they want from the product. They would rather get public opinion first before making any purchase. You’ll need to get proper research, probably even screenshots of reviews made by other people to show the examples and what other customers of your product are already experiencing. Also, these proofs will need comprehensive information so that the readers will benefit a lot from the review.

Final Thoughts

Writing a very informative and sellable product description article or product review is going to require more than just your writing skills. As a writer, you must at least have the ability to change your writing tone to seduce your customer into hanging on and possibly buying your products. It might seem like it’s a lot of work and investment into your already known gifted writing skills, but it is absolutely important for you to follow the steps. This is so that your reviews can be top notch, and will pre-sell your prospects into becoming lifetime customers. A good product description should instill a sense of trust in the intended product to be purchased. So make every single stroke of that key worth the while and see what your investment can do.

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