The Most Common Mistakes Content Writers Make


As a content writer, you should always strive to learn from your mistakes and get to advance your writing skills further. It is human nature to make a mistake every once in a while. Because of this, you should always take this as learning opportunities to advance your content writing skills. This is important as there always stands a chance that you might be making a mistake even if you are using a grammar and spelling checking software.

So, which are the most common mistakes many content writers make? Well, read through this article and get enlightened on the various errors you need to be on the lookout, thereby ensuring your content is intriguing and informative.

Keyword Stuffing

Whereas it is essential to optimize your content so that it reaches the top spot on the search engine results page, and consequently reach a broader audience. You must, however, not do this by stuffing keywords throughout the entire article. The reason for this is that you increase the likelihood of users closing your page before converting as well as making your content complex and challenging to comprehend. Furthermore, keyword stuffing is considered as a black hat SEO strategy by Google, and this can then lead to your website receiving a penalty for low-quality content. As a result, your site gets fewer visitors than you had previously anticipated.

Not Doing Comprehensive Research

Another common mistake done by content writers is the failure to do comprehensive research on the subject matter. This then makes the subsequent content appear shallow and a rehash of other articles you have just searched on Google. It would be best if you instead aimed at coming up with unique content that offers your readers with valuable insight that addresses a problem they are facing.

If you do this, then your audience will, without a doubt, love your work and keep coming back to your website to read other useful and exciting content.

Failure to proofread your work

Regardless whether you are an expert or novice content writer, proofreading your work is always vital as this ensures your content is at all times oozing in quality. You should also do this even if you are writing on a niche that is exciting and are well-versed in. This is crucial because if your content is filled with horrible grammar, lack of proper punctuation and spelling mistakes, then your readers will not be interested in your work. You should thus always make a point of proofreading your work at all times to make sure it is simple to read.

Not Understanding Your Target Audience

Do you wish to be a better writer? Then you should focus on having a better understanding of your target audience. Once you know what your readers want, then it will be a lot easier to build a lasting connection with them. It will also be a lot simpler write content since you know what is in the mind of your readers.

Therefore, as a content writer, you should always set aside adequate time doing comprehensive research before even writing a single word. By doing this, then you get to know the perspective of your potential readers. You will then be better placed to create a persona that best connects with your target audience.

Failing To Authenticate Facts, Figures and Statistics

Before you write content, you need always to do comprehensive research to validate the facts, figures and statistics. If you do not do this, then the value of your content will fall and subsequently lose relevance. One way you should do this is by always using the latest data since trends start to change over time. Therefore, as you do you search, make sure to always include the year in the content.

For instance, instead of searching for “number of companies with sites” on a search engine, you should write “number the companies in 2019 with websites.” If there is no relevant data in 2019, then the results that will be given by the search engine will be the newest available.

Another thing you should also do when doing your research is using only reputable sites to get your information. Some of the reliable websites when researching business topics, for example, include Bloomberg, Reuters and Forbes. You should also add reference links to your content so that the readers can confirm that you did not come up with your content.

Use Of Copyrighted Images

Images play an integral role in making content more intriguing, and this helps grab the attention of your readers. Nevertheless, you must never make the mistake of just using a random image from Google and then adding it to your content. Failing to observe this could lead to you getting fined a substantial sum of money. The best way of avoiding such an issue is by either using stock pictures or designing your unique images.

Adding filler content

Content length does not matter so long as you remain informative and engaging to your target audience. The best way of achieving this is by using words that are captivating and informative, that win your reader’s attention. You should also resist from adding filler and fluff content to achieve the set world limit.

In case you feel there is nothing more of value to add, it is best to conclude the article. By doing this, you get to save your time as well as that of your reader.

Failure to edit your work

After you finish writing the content, editing needs to be the next step that follows. You should, however, do this after giving yourself time from the content. As a result, you will be able to examine it with a fresh sense of insight, perspective and curiosity. While editing may not be fun, it does help turn great content to exceptional content. This then helps advance your writing skills.


If you want to improve your content writing skills further, implementing these tips mentioned above would go a long way in helping you perfect your art. This will be vital in not only helping you get better projects that pay well but also making sure your clients are always happy with your work at all times.