Content Marketing Means More Than Just Articles

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “Content Marketing?”  If you’re like most people, you use that term and “Article Marketing” more or less interchangeably.  It’s easy to understand why.  After all, despite the rise in popularity of images and video on the web, text is still King, and that’s unlikely to change any time soon.

While it’s true that article marketing is the centerpiece of most marketing strategies, it should never be used in isolation.  The question then, is what do you have supporting your article marketing efforts?  If you can’t answer that question immediately; if you have to think about it at all, then the answer is probably going to wind up being “not enough.”

Social Media is an incredibly vibrant part of the web, but social media isn’t driven by article-length content.  In fact, if you try to simply copy whatever you’re doing on your company’s website onto the social media platforms of your choice, your marketing efforts there are almost certainly doomed to fail.  It’s a different medium, and as such, it requires a different approach.

Here’s what most people get wrong about social media marketing:  It’s not really about whatever products or services you’re selling.  It’s about creating an experience and telling an interesting, compelling story to your fans, customers and potential customers.  It’s about creating opportunities to start conversations, and then keep those conversations going organically.

Reading an article on your company’s blog is an inherently passive experience.  A visitor shows up, clicks a headline that looks interesting, reads the content at the other end of that link, and then goes on about his or her day.

Social media is a totally different, and vastly more interactive experience.  The content tends to be shorter and punchier.  Depending on the platform, it may even be entirely image-based.  In every case though, the content is an invitation to react, share and comment.  When readers do comment, it’s up to you as the site owner, or a designated representative of your company, to respond.

The content itself sparks the conversation, and you keep it going.

Actually marketing your product comes later.  The real magic happens over the course of that conversation, and Hirewriters’ talented collection of freelancers can help facilitate those conversations by creating the content—the “hooks”—you can deploy on your various social media platforms.

By all means, create jobs to have articles written for you via our site, but if you’re not also creating social media related jobs on our platform, you’re missing out on an important opportunity that will not only make your marketing more effective, but will also make your life easier and give you more free time to focus on taking your business to the next level.

After all, if you’re not using our talented freelancers to craft your social media content, the odds are good that you’re taking the time to do it yourself, which means you’ve got relatively less time to focus on growing your business.  We can help with that.  Log into your account today and let our Subject Matter Experts create your next batch of social media content for you!

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