How To Be Every Writer’s Favorite Client

Few writers will openly admit it, but they do have their favorites.  Some clients are just better and easier to work for than others, and guess what?  If you develop a reputation as being a “good” client, you’re going to have an easier time attracting and keeping top writing talent interested in working for you, even if you can’t afford to pay top dollar.

Make no mistake:  Writers need decent pay in order to keep the lights on and keep developing great content for you, but the rate you pay is only part of the equation, and if all you’re doing is throwing money around to attract writers, you’re probably not attracting the top-tier talent.  Here are a few simple tips and tricks you can start employing right now, that will begin to mold you into the type of client writers look forward to, and truly enjoy writing for:

Learn To Use The Tipping Function Effectively

Some site owners never tip.  If you don’t, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to burnish your reputation with the writers you work with.  First and foremost, tipping shouldn’t be all or nothing.  You shouldn’t just tip every writer for every job, nor should it be something you never employ.

If a writer turns in a truly exceptional piece that goes above and beyond what you were expecting, that deserves recognition and a tip is in order.  A good general guideline is to use the same tipping conventions you use when you’re tipping a server at a restaurant.  Fifteen to twenty percent is considered appropriate.  Again, save it for truly exceptional writing, but definitely take the time to reward and acknowledge it when you see it.

Always Leave A Review

Writers depend on your reviews to get other jobs.  When you get work back, take a moment to leave a review.  You don’t have to write a full page, or even a paragraph.  A few sentences commenting on the speed of turnaround or the quality of the writing will suffice.

Other content providers who are looking for writing talent read writer reviews and use them to make hiring decisions.  It’s a small thing, but every serious writer watches their review page like a hawk.  If you want to be someone’s favorite client, those reviews really matter, and if you’re not leaving them, you’re missing an important opportunity.

Good Communication At Regular Intervals

In addition to leaving reviews and making smart use of tipping, another thing that sets clients apart in the minds of the writers working for them is communication.  Use our email system to offer feedback in addition to leaving a review.  If the piece you just got back works, but in the future, you’d like to see a slight shift in tone or slant, send the writer a note and tell them about it.

If you have a rough idea for a piece but you’re not completely sure of what you want, ask for your favorite writers’ advice.  It will make them feel more connected to and involved with the process.  They’ll feel as if they’re an integral part of your organization and that their input is important to you.

If you do those three things consistently, you’ll be the client that the best writers can’t wait to create content for, and you’ll consistently secure the best talent possible.