Business Newsletter Ideas

The Ultimate List Of Business Newsletter Ideas

Business newsletters are important to keep people informed of what’s happening in your company. They can be a great way to relay all sorts of useful information, but if you’re responsible for collating and writing most of the content of your company’s newsletter, you may at times, have difficulty in coming up with fresh ideas.

Your business newsletter needs to be interesting and compelling, so that people actually read them instead of deleting it. Read on for some clever ideas that you can incorporate into your own newsletters, but first, lets cover the different types of internal newsletters used by many businesses, and why you should have one if you run any type of business.

Top Reasons To Use Internal Newsletters

There are many great reasons you should have an internal newsletter. It’s a great way to communicate with both staff and managers in your organization and can be a lot more interesting and more likely to be read than just a simple email every time some new information needs to be communicated.

1. Human Resource Newsletters

Staff newsletter are usually compiled by the management team of your company’s human resource department and are great for introducing new staff members, important dates or staff celebrations and new innovations to help your staff to do their job quicker and easier.

It helps your staff to feel more connected especially if you have branches in different cities, states or even countries.

2. Newsletters Only For Managers

Management newsletters are an important tool for informing your managers and supervisors on company expectations, new product ideas, additional service requirements or other relevant company information.

This can include new Key Performance Indicators, company budgeting expectations and upcoming training. It can also showcase managers who have achieved outstanding results in their department.

3. School Newsletters

Sending out regular newsletters should not just be reserved for companies however. Schools can also benefit from sending out newsletters to the parents of their students to inform them of up coming activities and past achievements.

School newsletter ideas could include a schedule of up coming parent meetings, sporting competitions and future fundraising activities. These newsletters should also include student achievements and any extra curricular activities that may be planned in the near future.

Have A Featured Article

All newsletters should always have a featured article just like print newspapers do. Your featured article should be of a personal nature like introducing a new staff member or manager, celebrating a milestone one of your employees has achieved or even a customer profile.

Featured articles could also include a rundown of a recent training event or maybe a customer appreciation event. Make sure that someone takes photos at these events so that you can include them in your newsletter.

If your company runs an employee of the month competition, you could feature the winner of the previous month with a little story about that person and also why they won that month’s competition. This will often encourage other employees to strive harder to win the competition, especially if they can identify in some way with the winner.

Another subject of your feature article could be the release of a new product. You would of course include all the product specification but also add some advice on how best the product could be used. Focus on the product’s benefits and also suggest who that product would be great for.

Ideas For Employee Newsletters

Employee newsletters should focus on employee achievements and up coming events that the company is planning especially for their employees.

It’s a great way to introduce new employees who have just joined the company with a little information about their background. Another important aspect of an employee newsletter is to celebrate important events in each employee’s life for example birthdays, weddings, new births or promotions.

You would also include any up coming training that your employees are encouraged to attend and of course highlight any recent achievements like finishing a college or university degree or winning employee of the month.

Make sure that you include lots of photos so that the newsletter creates a feeling of unity among your staff.

Top Business Newsletter Examples

Here are some examples of newsletters that are well read and that may give you some inspiration when compiling your own.

1. Fizzle

Fizzle is a weekly newsletter aimed at entrepreneurs and business people. It’s written in a casual, friendly style with down-to-earth business advice. The newsletter style includes lots of headers and sub-headers which is really important especially for people who are busy and tend to skim-read.

The author of Fizzle also makes sure that all the really important information is bolded just for this reason.

2. The Skimm

This is a great example of a daily newsletter which is short and easy to read. Basically it covers what’s happening in the news and the information is delivered in short and direct paragraphs. The newsletter also includes a quote of the day which is a great way to engage it’s readers.

3. Litmus

Litmus is written by an email marketing company and has a very clever design which should immediately appeal to busy people. It uses blocks of color in the form of graphically drawn images to break up the newsletter into relevant sections. This makes it extremely pleasing to the eye and also very scannable

This style could easily be adopted into your internal business newsletter and would definitely improve your newsletter’s readability.

4. SaaS Weekly

SaaS weekly is a newsletter all about SaaS, of course. The formatting of this newsletter makes it extremely easy to skim and find exactly the content that you’re looking for. It’s broken up into different sections with white headings on a black background such as Business, Product, Marketing, Growth and Tip Of The Week.

From these examples it’s easy to see that breaking up your newsletter content is vitally important for readability. Adding quotes, short tips or competitions all add up to keeping your newsletter interesting and engaging for your intended audience.

So, now that you’re armed with this useful collection of newsletter ideas, compiling your next business newsletter should be easy and stress free.

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