10 Ways To Get The Article You Really Want

Choose The Right Skill Level

If you are looking for some machine readable stuff packed with keywords and aren’t really bothered whether it’s stylistically special, then chances are a Beginner would be the most cost effective writer for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a high quality article to go in a major client’s e-zine, then go straight to our most effective group of writers, the Experts. You pay more, but you get a whole lot more.

Don’t Ask For More Words Than You Are Prepared To Pay For

Nothing puts off the best writers like this penny pinching habit. If you want 450 words, then post your project in the 300 – 500 word bracket. Don’t post in the 150 – 300 bracket and then ask for more. Many writers will write longer pieces for you without being asked, because they want to do a good job and take pride in their work, but they hate to be taken advantage of, so, don’t do it!

Be Clear With Your Instructions

One of the most frequent problems we encounter when clients and writers are unhappy with each other is that the client didn’t make his or her instructions clear. If you post a project, and the instructions are, “Write about umbrellas“, then a writer will do just that. If you then don’t like the article because you wanted an article which talked about the different uses of umbrellas around the world, and the writer wrote about the best colors for umbrellas, – then you really only have yourself to blame!

Read Your Messages

We often hear from writers and clients that they have posted messages that haven’t been read, and so queries haven’t been answered, fresh instructions haven’t been received, and confusion can reign! You need to check your account regularly and pick up your messages to make sure that your work is progressing as it should be.

Select The Right Tone For Your Work

We offer a range of options – Professional, Funny, Friendly, Review Style and Other. If you are looking, say, for a romantic style, then choose “Other” and specify the style in the job description. Select the wrong style, and you may end up having to beg for a rewrite – not fair to you or to the writer.

Keep Your Instructions Clear And To The Point

If you are looking for a short article and are paying a couple of bucks for it, don’t expect a writer to want to plow through three pages of job description. On the other hand, if you are commissioning a high paying piece, then it’s reasonable and necessary for the writer to expect and to take on board very full instructions. In other words, keep instructions proportionate to the amount you are prepared to pay. This also applies to research that’s needed for an article; don’t expect writers to have to visit five web sites in order to earn $1.50 – they are going to move on to the next job and leave yours in the queue.

Allow The Time You Need

We sometimes see very long and complex jobs posted and only twelve or even six hours given for completion. The more time you can give a writer to complete a job, the faster your job will be taken, and as a rule, the better the outcome is going to be. We do have good writers who can write fast. They are called Experts, so, if you have a job that needs doing well and in a hurry, post it at the Expert level, and you will not be disappointed.

Add Excellent Writers To Your Favorite Writers List….

Someone has done a terrific job for you? That’s great!   Add then right away to your Favorite Writers list. That way, when another similar job comes up, you can offer it directly to a person or group of people whom you know can do a another good piece of work for you.

….And Ban The Ones You Don’t Like

We have to be honest, sometimes clients just aren’t happy with a particular writer’s style. No hard feelings – just add them to your banned list, and they won’t see any more of your jobs.

Make Sure Your Links Work

It’s amazing how often clients put links in a job description, say to see a style sample or a particular product that is to be reviewed, only for the writer to find that the link doesn’t work. The writer can’t move on, the client sometimes doesn’t pick up the message that the writer leaves, the job doesn’t get done and everyone loses. So the moral is, check your links to make sure they work!

Post Adult Jobs In the Adult Category

We get a lot of “Adult” jobs, and we have some great writers who love to write on edgy, often erotic, themes. However, some writers don’t do this kind of work, so if you are posting this kind of job, please select Adult as your project category, and don’t be shy about saying what you want. Hiding the topic behind a link, only to have a writer ask for Mutual Cancellation will just lead to delays.

Follow these tips, and you’ll have a great experience here on HireWriters!

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