10 Steps to Make HireWriters Work Harder For You

Great copy for your blog or website begins at HireWriters.  We have an amazing team of writers with the skills and knowledge to write on just about every subject under the sun! But in order to get the very  best out of the team at HireWriters, here are a few easy to follow tips.

1.    When you post a job, ensure that you specify EXACTLY what you want.  We see a lot of jobs listed with just a keyword or phrase.  Let’s say you want an article about about natural ways to prevent fleas in cats.  You list the work, and put in the keywords “Fleas” and “Cats”.  The writer doesn’t know from this if you want a description of the biology of fleas on cats, an article from a veterinary perspective, a “how to” for cat owners, or something completely different!  Just a line or two of special instructions can make everything clear.

2.    Pay what you can afford, not what you can get away with!  The best writers are indeed our Experts, so, if you have an important job, post it at the Expert level, to ensure that you get the very best work.  By all means open less significant jobs to a wider skill range though.

3.    When you find a great writer, use the “Favorite Writer” facility to ensure that you can find that writer again.  You can even file writers under subject heads.

4.    Always keep your desired number of words within the word bracket you are paying for.  The best writers will NOT take jobs where you specify more words than you are paying for.  The best writers will OFTEN voluntarily write more words for you of their own accord.  (Posting jobs where you ask for more words than you are paying for can get your account suspended too.)

5.    If, when an article is delivered, it isn’t quite right for you, don’t just fire the writer.  You have the option to ask for revisions.  Often by asking for a few simple revisions, you can get the perfect article, rather than posting the job again and hoping to get something better.  Good writers are always happy to undertake revisions for you.

6.    Always check your messages.  When you have work in progress, it’s a great idea to check your messages, which you can see on your dashboard, every day.  We are often contacted by frustrated writers who have been sending questions about a job to their client, only to receive no reply.

7.    If you want to list ten jobs with different titles in the same project, listing the titles in the special instructions is not the best way.  Instead, create ten jobs within the project, and use the “Keywords” field to list each job title.  If you do it this way, writers can see which jobs have already been taken.

8.    If for some reason you want to cancel a job, either at the writer’s request or because things have changed for you, then use the “Mutual Cancellation” facility.  (Click the red “No Entry” symbol next to the job’s time clock).  That way, neither the writer nor you have a firing or a job rejection against your record.

9.    If you are looking for a writer on a particular subject, you can search our very flexible writer data base, and even see samples of writers’ work.  Add suitable writers that you find to your “Favorite Writers” list.

10.    If you receive a great job, over and above what you expected, why not leave a tip?  Writers who are tipped are happy writers, who will seek out your work in the future.

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