Take Control Over Your Own Destiny – Become a Freelance Writer!

Have you always dreamed of being your own boss?  Of going into business for yourself?  If so, you should know that it’s not for the faint of heart.  It can be terrifying to step out into the world and blaze your own trail.  Terrifying yes, but also incredibly rewarding.

The trouble with starting a lot of businesses though, is the fact that you need a significant investment to get started.  If you’re making or selling anything, there’s inventory to consider.  A virtual storefront.  Some or other means of filling orders and keeping track of works in progress.  In short, even if you’re just running your business from your kitchen table, it can be a pretty intimidating project.

Writing then, is perhaps the easiest business you can go into.  All you need to get stared is a word processor and you can get a pretty good one for free online.  You don’t really have any inventory to worry about since the basic idea is that you write something, hand it off and get paid for it, and then start working on something else.  You don’t have random piles of things you’ve written just stacking up around you.

Typically, you don’t write a word until you have a specific job before you and once it’s done, you deliver it to your client.  While you may keep a copy for future reference, it’s not as though the digital file takes up any tangible space, so you don’t have that kind of thing to contend with.

Best of all, if you use an established platform like Hirewriters.com, you’ve got clients actively seeking you out, so other than filling out your profile, there’s not much you’ll need to do in terms of initial marketing.  When you start turning in assignments and dazzling your clients with what you create for them, that IS your marketing.  That’s how you get new clients and repeat business from your existing ones.

In short then, a freelance writing business gives you all the advantages of being in business for yourself, but doesn’t come with any of the drawbacks people normally associate with going into business for themselves, and if you’re a reasonably good writer, you’ll find that your business grows faster than you can keep pace with it, which means you’ll be very much in demand almost from day one.  That’s a good feeling, and it gives you the flexibility to start charging a bit more for the work you create and the freedom to be a little more selective, only accepting work that is the most interesting to you.

Whether you’re just looking for a “side hustle” to give you a bit more spending money each month, or you’re interested in saying goodbye to your current career and embracing a brand new one, freelancing offers you the opportunity to make your life anything you want it to be.  You just have to have the courage to reach out and grab the opportunity before you.  If you do, head over to Hirewriters.com today and join our ranks.  It could literally change your life!

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