Proven Ways to Boost Your Productivity as a Freelance Writer

woman writing on a notebook

Most people refer to themselves as freelance writers, which sounds easy, while in a real sense, they need to have something substantial to showcase their potential as writers. You must understand that multiple writers usually struggle with productivity. Therefore, as a freelancer, you must have maximum potential to work efficiently and enhance productivity. When you work productively, you are also likely to earn more. Furthermore, you will save enough time for your family and accomplish your other projects.

Freelancer writers also experience issues, among them being unable to motivate themselves. This makes them write less word count because of loss of focus. Due to such problems, it takes them a pretty long time to develop something substantial. Luckily, there are multiple proven ways to boost your productivity as a freelancer. Read on to familiarize yourself with these particular ways of increasing your productivity as a writer.

Understand your focus time

It is appropriate that you recognize your best focus time to deliver your work efficiently. It would help if you understood when you work perfectly, it might be in the morning, evening or afternoon. Knowing your focus time allows you to become more productive. When you work during hours you can barely concentrate, you will waste your time.

You might set your time for writing. However, that is not the best way to deliver the result you might be looking forward to. Writers need to come up with an optimal writing time to work perfectly. They will deliver maximum performance and increase their productivity with an excellent schedule.

Join a writing challenge

Joining a writing challenge will assist you in boosting your writing skills because it gives you a great chance to share your content with the entire world. How will you prove that writing is good if you do not share what you produce with the whole world? Remember that the feedback you get from your fellow freelancer writers helps you identify places you need to improve your writing.

It also gives you a chance to learn how to offer crucial critiques, making you an excellent writer in the future. Furthermore, a writing challenge usually puts pressure on you to write. Many writers term it a great motivator because it features a lot of fun.

Develop a devoted workspace

To improve your writing productivity as a freelance writer, you must create a space that allows you to work confidently, relentlessly, and comfortably. However, it might take you some time to find out the kind of workspace that suits you best. This means you might require adjusting to your environment according to your budget and needs.

On the other hand, the appropriate workspace will keep you motivated and focused on delivering the best in your content. Below are a few examples of what your writing environment should include:

There is a private study room near the public library to access research materials easily, a massive coffee thermos, and perfect quiet space.

  • A local coffee shop where you can order whatever you want.
  • Home office with a spacious desk and a closing door for privacy and to prevent distraction. It must also feature an opening window to allow in the fresh air.
  • A cozy couch for relaxing.

The workspace mentioned above triggers you to write and boost your writing productivity. In addition, you can also create your writing rituals, which enhance the level of your productivity.

Write when offline

Due to the advanced technology globally, there are multiple primary changes nowadays. Writers can accomplish their jobs remotely. Unfortunately, you cannot wait for weeks or even days to receive alerts or notifications concerning anything. Writers experience a lot of distractions from their computer because social media and email alerts can pop up on your computer hence not allowing you to focus on your work.

Ideally, it would help if you worked offline to boost your productivity as a freelance writer. If possible, you can close or disconnect email websites and social media and concentrate on writing. Avoid attempting to browse online. You must understand that writing does not require you to multitask because it minimizes your productivity levels. In addition, you will take much time to accomplish your assignment.

Multitasking can also trigger you to make errors in your paper, interfering with your dream and goal of becoming an excellent productive writer. Therefore, it is recommended that you stay offline, especially when dealing with writing tasks. This will help you to remain productive.

Structure and organize your work

Writers usually ignore structuring their work. As a result, most of them commence writing without knowing what they should feature in the following paragraph. Therefore, before you begin writing your content, ensure you structure and organize your work. You can quickly achieve this when you offer substantial proof, take action, know your audience, create an approach and understand your topic. Bear in mind that this will help you maximize your productivity and become a productive freelancer writer in the future.

Develop your efficiency test

It is not easy for writers to enhance efficiency without recognizing their weaknesses. As a writer, you should track the time you usually use in writing to determine the amount of time you will spend on a single client and evaluate what you make per hour. Most people ignore this, but it is the best way to track your time.

According to the 80/20 rule, the worst client takes 80% of your time while the best requires 20% of your time. Therefore, it is good to identify on what side you are, and if you fall under the 80% time, you need to eliminate such clients. This will enable you to get better-paying clients and improve your productivity level.

Treat your work like a serious business

Nothing is interesting like treating your business like a business. Furthermore, it falls among the oldest rule. If you take your business seriously, you will probably create an environment to grow, be profitable, and write whatever you require. But, if you treat what puts food on your table like a hobby. Yes, you will have fun, but it will not offer you the advancement you require or even income.

To treat work as a business requires you to schedule break times and work times. When you do not have regular working hours, you will experience two primary problems. First, constantly returning to your computer and not having sufficient time to refresh or losing track of your time and wasting your precious work time.

Final thought

Are you serious about being a freelance writer? Do you want to boost your productivity to the next level? Then, apply the tips mentioned above to your daily schedule, and you will find yourself doing exceedingly better each day. Furthermore, these tips will assist you in becoming a quick writer in the future.