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I have seven years of experience in researching and composing academic papers and more than fifteen years of experience in poetry writing. I have been editing papers for family and friends for as long as I have been writing poetry. I have been writing freelance articles for just over two months now. The bulk of my work has consisted of: App descriptions, information about culinary arts schools and programs, movie and television show reviews, celebrity news articles and parenting articles. I am interested in many topics and love to learn new things. I look forward to expanding which topics I am knowledgable in through the various assignments to come.
Acupuncture: Is it right for you? Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine that has been around for at least the last 2,500 years and employs the use of long, thin needles to stimulate specific points along the skin. It is used to treat a wide variety of conditions--from nausea and vomiting as a result of chemotherapy to migraine headaches and menstrual cramps. Some benefits from receiving this treatment can include: pain management, a boost in mood, better sleep and even slight seasonal allergy relief. Not everyone, however, is a good candidate to receive this alternative treatment, for a variety of reasons. The top four groups of people who are advised against it are: 1. Individuals with bone or spinal diseases Patients with a bone disorder, like osteoporosis, or a history of injury to the spinal column are told to steer clear of this treatment. This is due to the fact that strong, localized pressure is applied to portions of the patient's body, which can cause more harm than good in an individual with these type of conditions. Likewise, those with cancers or infections of the spine are also not good candidates for this alternative medical procedure. 2. Those with implantable devices Electro-acupuncture is a form of acupuncture that uses small electric currents passed between the needles to help with the treatment of pain. When practiced properly this is safe for the general population. Despite being generally safe, those with implantable devices--like a pacemaker, for instance--are advised against this type of procedure, since it may cause their devices to malfunction or fail. 3. Anyone with a bleeding disorder One of the side effects of acupuncture can be slight bruising and/or bleeding at the puncture site. While this is usually a slight annoyance for most patients, someone with a bleeding disorder--such as hemophilia or Von Willebrand's disease--or taking any sort of blood thinner would not be a good candidate for this, as it can produce serious, adverse and potentially life-threatening reactions. 4. Women who are pregnant Pregnant women are generally advised to steer clear of acupuncture. This is because some forms of it can actually stimulate labor and cause a preterm birth. However, this is also the reason that some doulas and midwives may suggest acupuncture for a women who has no medical complications and is well past her due date. This group is simply a matter of how far into the pregnancy a woman is and whether or not she has had any previous medical complications--such as preeclampsia. When practiced safely by a licensed professional, acupuncture can be a terrific alternative to pain medications with the benefits far outweighing the risks. Always remember that any time you are thinking of starting a new medical treatment, alternative or otherwise, you should consult your personal physician to assess whether it is the right fit for you.