Why isn’t anyone taking my job?

From time to time, our customer service team gets a message from a frustrated client asking, “Why hasn’t anyone taken my job?” We have thousands of writers, and well presented jobs are picked up very quickly, so it’s always a bit of a surprise to hear this. Of course, we always go and take a look at the work that they’ve posted to see if we can help.

Here are some tips which we offer to clients whose jobs just don’t seem to be attracting our writers.

Check The Job Description

Far and away the most common reason that jobs aren’t accepted is that the description is just too vague, or too complicated. Writers are anxious to do a good job, and so you need to get the information just right – neither too much or too little.

A common problem is that a job is posted for, say, 300 words of SEO copy. The description of what is required takes 2000 words and involves several links which have to be followed. The pay offered to the writer is around $2. It’s going to take a writer around half an hour to properly read and absorb your instructions, and then another half an hour or more to write good copy. Most writers will just move on and see if there is any work that looks a bit more straightforward. Find a way to simplify your instructions, or offer more for the job.

Paying Too Little

Bear in mind that when you hire a HireWriters writer, you are hiring an English native speaker who lives in an English speaking country, which we define as USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and one or two others. People on HireWriters are prepared to work for modest fees, especially our excellent beginner writers, but if you want the best writers, and if you want your work to be picked up and turned round quickly, then it’s simple – offer better rates.

Asking For More Words Than Allowed

This is a big no-no on HireWriters. Our jobs come in word bands – 150 – 300, 301 – 500, 501- 700 and so on, and are priced accordingly. We do occasionally see clients posting in one job band and asking for more words in the job description. This is entirely unfair, and we ask writers to report any instances of this that they notice. We also patrol the job board checking that jobs have been posted correctly. If you are offering way below our already extremely economical rates, by boosting the number of words you are asking for, then your work will only be taken by the least experienced writers, and then only if there is no better work around.

How To Ensure Your Job Is Done Fast

There are several ways to ensure that your job is taken on quickly and turned around fast and professionally.

We have a NEW feature whereby jobs can be turned around in just six hours. This is ideal for urgent or news related copy. It costs a little more, but it does ensure you the quick delivery you need.

Another NEW service is the ability to feature work right at the beginning of the list of jobs. This also costs a little more, but it pays off to be in that eye catching slot, right where the writers start looking for their next project.

Pay more. Whatever skill level you select, you can add a few dollars to the rate you offer to make your job stand out to our writers.

Offer the work to a higher skill level. If you are used to offering your work at beginner level, try offering instead at general, skilled or expert level. Not only will you usually get a better standard of writing, but those more skilled jobs go the fastest.

Use a catchy headline. “Product description of HG109 Camera” doesn’t make anyone’s heart beat faster. “Describe this exciting, innovative new camera” is a lot more interesting, and says the same thing.

Finally, it pays to build up a team of “Favorite” writers, That means you can offer work direct to one or more of your team, at a price to suit you. The notification that there is work waiting for them arrives right in their email in-box, so they can accept the job and get going on it fast.

If ever you have any questions or issues about HireWriters, feel free to contact us at [email protected]