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Are you a new or aspiring writer? Are you struggling to figure out how to get started and set yourself up for success? If so, this article was written just for you. Read on and we’ll outline everything you need to launch your new business and get up and running with minimum fuss. Let’s get to it:

You Don’t Need To Incorporate

While it might make sense to form an LLC or Corporation down the road, it’s certainly not necessary when you’re first starting out. Just set yourself up as a sole proprietorship and start working. When it makes sense to do something else, you’ll know and you can address it at that point. Early on, there’s no need to get bogged down in those kinds of details.

You DO Need Some Software

Obviously, if you’re going to write seriously (for pay) you’ll need something to write on. The two obvious choices here are Google Docs or Office 365. Google Docs is a free option and you can get an Office 365 subscription for about a hundred bucks a year.
If money is tight, by all means, go the Google Docs route, but if you get the Office 365 subscription, it comes with a free terabyte of storage on Microsoft OneDrive, which will give you plenty of cloud-based storage space. That’s important because you’ll want to keep your work files on the cloud.

Not only is this safer and more secure, but it will also enable you to access those files and work from anywhere you can get an internet connection. Set up a folder so you can keep a local copy on the computer you’re using and have it auto-sync with the cloud and you’re in business.

Naturally, once you’ve got the basics in place, you need to be able to find work, and has you covered on that front. Sign up, take the test to see if you have the requisite skills and once you’ve been approved, you’re ready to work!
While we’re on the topic of the Hirewriters website, be sure to fill out your profile completely to give prospective clients plenty of information about you and the kinds of things you prefer to write. Your profile is your virtual advertisement. The better and more complete you make it, the more business it will generate for you.


If you’re not already using it, set up an account on You’ll find both free and paid account options available, but in the beginning, you’re better off just going with the free option. Once your business starts to grow, you can upgrade to the paid option and let your growing profits pay for it. It’s a convenient tool that’s easy to use and it will absolutely improve the quality of your writing.
If you follow the outline presented above, you’ll be able to surround yourself with every tool you need to grow your business, which will maximize your chances for long term success.

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