Choosing The Writing Niche For You


There are a lot of writing niches out there

The problem is not everyone can or is geared to write in them. There are a lot of reasons why one cannot write in every niche there is. Some disagree with erotica, porn or they have no interest in the topics or the niche subject.

One of the keys to writing well and finding your place in the content or freelance writing world is to find your niche. Content writing alone has many niches that can overwhelm novice writers so take your time and experiment.

Just because you can’t write in one niche right now, does not mean you cannot expand your talent and learn how to do it.

The Best Advice Possible

To get started doing any type of writing, including blogging, you have to identify one key aspect that will help you throughout your writing career. This key is summed up best in one tiny little sentence– write what you know.

In content writing, it is not hard for readers and clients to see that you do not know the topic you are writing on. The passion, the information, and the details just aren’t there. That advice will help you do research for content topics you have never written on before.

Once you learn to do good research, you can write on far more topics and in many more niches than you thought possible. Keep that advice in mind as you continue to read.

What Is a Content Writing Niche?

It is hard to describe as there are over 100 different content writing niches involved in this category. The one thing they have in common is that each niche needs top-quality, original content.

Those different niches include writing bios, about me pages, press releases, blogs, copywriting, and even just topical writing. Then on top of those 100 many of those niches can be broken down into sub-categories.

Those sub-categories involve specific topics like fixing fridges, how to care for your pet, RV life, and many more. That is why following write what you know is so important. It helps you edit out those categories and get you focused on the ones you can write about.

How To Find What You Know

There are three basic questions you need to ask and answer yourself. These questions will help you identify what topics you know and if you can write interesting content for them.

#1. what are your interests? If you like fashion, then you going to join a very highly competitive writing niche. If it is pets, you may have some insights from your personal experiences to add to the conversation.

Make a list to help you remember and get you started.

#2. What do you know about those interests? You may be interested in a topic but not know a lot. If you discover that, it is not a wrong position to be in. You can use that as your starting point and start to dig into your interests more and find out more things.

Once you do that, you can write better content. Plus, you can see what your readers want and go find that information and add it to your blog, etc.

#3. What is your experience? This is the harsh reality of writing. If you do not know what you are talking about, your readers will disappear faster than a date when he or she spots that new pimple on your face.

If you have no experience in that interest, you either have to do a lot of research to learn or move on to another interest. That is why you make a list with question #1. You will have second and third choices ready to explore.

How to Find The Right Format

When you find an interest you can write about, the next step is to find the correct format for you. You do this by making another list. Some of the options are but are not limited to, sales letters, technical writing, brochures, blog writing, e-mail content, and more.

When you find the right format, the writing will be much easier as you will know what you need to do and how much space you need to fill with good words. Finding those topics you enjoy, will bring passion to your writing and that shows in your content style.

Check The Competition

Some niches are very competitive as many people enjoy the same activities or interests. It is often good to be interested in off-beat subjects as the competition will not be as great.

Getting your voice heard and having your content read means finding those spots in your niche that have little competition. Entering those spots helps you develop better as a writer and lets you make mistakes without too heavy of setbacks.

Making mistakes in highly competitive niches can doom your career long before it gets started.

What to Watch Out For

There are some things that can come up during the writing career that can make writing difficult or boring for you. writing is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. If you think you are being too restricted, write about something in a different niche or topic.

There is no law saying you cannot expand your interests or writing topics. Writing outside of your niche should not harm your career but it may bring new opportunities you never thought of before.

Experiment, research, revise and edit. Those 4 tasks will help you break out of one niche and add one or more to your stable of writing interests.

Some Final Words

One more thing. Not having experience in a niche or interest does not stop you from learning about it and then writing on that interest. That is one thing that makes many content writers so good. They express their joy in learning through their writing and it shows.

You can get more clients if you enjoy what you are learning about. and put that passion and excitement into your words.

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