6 Content Writing Trends For 2021 And Beyond


As with any other field, content writing is also constantly evolving. And to ensure you remain relevant, thus have the edge over other content writers, and demand greater pay, you need to stay ahead of the curve by learning the content writing trends for 2021 and beyond. This also applies to businesses looking to increase their online presence, especially now when budgets are thin due to the COVID-19pandemic.

If you’re in any of these two situations, learning the content writing trends for 2021 and beyond will significantly help. This is because only through engaging and high-quality content will you formulate an effective marketing strategy. Without further ado, here are trends you need to keep tabs on for 2021 and beyond.

Increase Dependence on AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being embraced across different industries, including transportation, manufacturing, and nowadays content writing. As a content writer, you should embrace this trend quickly instead of fighting it even though it’s touted that it might someday in the future replace the need of human writers.

But for now, you shouldn’t have such concerns since the technology isn’t quite advanced yet and should use it to edit, proofread and transcribe content. In addition, you still depend on some AI-powered technology such as Wordsmith and Grammarly to better the quality of your writing. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any hesitations about starting to use AI-powered writing tools to save yourself time and effort you would have otherwise used.

Prioritize Keyword Research

Before you create high-quality, relevant, and engaging content, the first step is to do comprehensive keyword research. Doing this is recommended as it increases the chances of your content ranking higher on search engines, with this the goal of every site owner and content writer.

Through keyword research, you get an improved understanding of the subjects, themes, and topics to best draw the attention of your target audience. This is because your content is now exciting, meaningful, and valuable. Some of the keyword research tools to use are;

  • Uber suggest
  • SEMrush
  • Moz Keyword Explorer
  • Keyword Explorer by Ahrefs
  • Google Keyword Planner

When doing keyword research, try to balance emerging keywords such as COVID-10 related keywords and evergreen keywords in your niche. This ensures your content remains relevant for longer even when the pandemic is over and at the same time increasing your site’s traffic.

Use Interactive Visual Content

While using words is the primary way of sharing your ideas in content writing, adding images also does help your content do a better job attracting your target audience. And this isn’t surprising because the human mind is usually very welcoming to visual content compared to plain text. Therefore, you should do your best to incorporate a few interactive and well-crafted pictures that help you better bring across your message to your target audience. In addition to increasing your customer’s interest, adding interactive visual content boosts your overall experience.

Use Internal Links

Another content writing trend that’s quickly gaining pace is using internal links, and this plays a massive role in boosting SEO. They add value to your content by sending search engines such as Google strong signals on why another page on your site is essential. As a result, this allows you to add value to that specific page.

For internal links to be effective, make sure they’re added naturally so that the content feels natural to your target audience while they’re reading. This ensures that they do add value to your content. This goes to show that your goal shouldn’t be to flood your blog post with internal links. Instead, only add internal links that add value to your blog and closely related to whatever content you’re writing. Doing this will eventually enable you to improve the reader’s experience.

While using the internal link is crucial, you shouldn’t forget the relevance of adding a strong anchor text.  You should do this using an anchor text that includes the web page’s target keyword, which is being linked to. This is one of the most effective techniques of sending strong signals to users and search engines to know the information which you believe holds the greatest value in your pages.

Title Tag Optimization

The content you write on your blog’s body is what holds the most value, so you should always make it informative and exciting. With that said, you shouldn’t ignore the title tag, as this is what will attract your target audience to your blog in the first place. This is why many sites always feature a title tag as the first thing you’ll see. Other than attracting the readers’ attention, title tags also help search engine spiders better understand what’s covered in a blog post. This goes to show the great significance including a title tag will have on your website.

When writing the title tag, you don’t want to overwhelm your reader by providing too much information. Instead, it needs to be concise and straightforward enough to capture their attention, ideally with only 50 to 60 characters. The title tag would be best if you also included the focus keyword ideally at the start and ensure it fits into your title naturally.

Readers Want More And Better Content

Nowadays, consumers are spending more time online due to try and minimize outdoor movement due to the coronavirus pandemic. And with most companies cutting down on the marketing budget, digital marketing is being seen as a great alternative. But for this to be effective, you need to constantly create high-quality content to fascinate and capture the attention of your target audience.

By writing quality blogs, your readers get glued to your content, hence giving you more time to make your sales pitch. Through this, there’s a greater chance that you’ll attain your digital marketing goals to stand out in the very competitive marketplace.


To succeed in content writing, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest trends. Only through this will you be in a position to advance your writing skills further. If you didn’t know how to go about doing this, discussed in this blog post are insightful tips to implement to help help you succeed in content writing in 2021 and beyond.

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