6 Best Content Writing Tools To Use In 2022

Life as a content writer can quickly feel overwhelming. After all, you’re expected to juggle many duties from constantly creating new and engaging content for your clients, meeting strict deadlines, and learning new skills. With all these on your hands every day, it’s best to get some help from content writing tools to become more effective, thereby boosting your overall productivity.

But what are some of these content writing tools that can help you consistently create content that offers your readers optimal value? If you have such a question in mind, worry no more as we’ve simplified this job for you. Let’s get started.


To top off your list of the essential content writing tools you need to perfect your writing is undoubtedly Grammarly. This online grammar checking and proofreading tool is vital no matter how experienced you are as a content writer. After all, you are human and bound to make grammatical errors in your document regardless of whether you’re paraphrasing an original document or writing fresh and original content. This is the last thing you want because this consequently affects the credibility of your content.

You can install it as a plugin on Microsoft Word or go to their website using your web browser to start using Grammarly. Subsequently, scan your documents to check for any errors, and this shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.

This tool will suggest ways to improve your writing besides checking for grammatical errors by suggesting ways to improve your tone, consciousness, and word choice. It also removes prolonged phrases to make your content more user-friendly to read, hence better attracting your target audience’s attention.

Hemingway Editor

As a newbie or expert looking to perfect your writing skills by perfecting your sentence structure, improving your choice of vocabulary, and enhancing clarity, look no further. The Hemingway Editor tool helps you accomplish all this to ensure your final piece boasts excellent readability levels in different ways, including;

  • Identify sentences that are overly complicated for the average reader’s understanding
  • Remove unnecessary jargon, adverbs, and adjectives
  • Excessive passive voice
  • Weak adverb choice

Thanks to suggestions made by this editing application, your content becomes a lot easier and more engaging to read. You also don’t necessarily need to be connected to the internet with the Hemingway Editor 3 software, which further improves this software’s allures.

Yoast SEO

If you’re a blogger and want to boost your website’s traffic, Yoast SEO is the perfect tool to satisfy your needs. This search engine optimization (SEO) tool does this by examining your content’s quality to determine the best way to implement a viable content creation strategy. Yoast SEO does this by suggesting ways to optimize different aspects of your writing, including clarity, content length, keyword density, as well as create compelling titles and meta descriptions.

Another use of Yoast SEO is that it helps provide you with off-page and on-page SEO insights such as the domain authority of your close competitors and backlinks. This writing tool can also examine sentence lengths, internal links, distribution of subheadings, and the strength of your English command. Insights offered by this tool will help you create content that ranks highly on Google and other search engines.

Hubspot Topic Generator

Coming up with exciting and trendy topics should be your goal as a content writer to keep your writers engaged and consistently come to read your blog. After all, no matter how effective your marketing techniques are, your target audience wants to read content that provides them with value. Luckily, HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator has got you covered by helping you think of creative and fresh ideas for your blog posts.

Using this tool to generate ideas is fairly straightforward, as all you need to do is input the key phrases or words on the topic you wish to write. It’ll give you a list of topic ideas to decide the most sensible pick. Therefore, you’ll never lack content ideas to write the entire year needed to ensure your blog’s success.


As a freelance content writer, it’s easy to end up wasting a big chunk of the day on unproductive tasks such as scrolling your phone or watching YouTube videos. As a result, you often find yourself underachieving your set targets or failing to finish projects within the client’s assigned duration. One app that helps eliminate this habit is Toggl, which is an ideal pick for both beginners and experienced content writers.

Toggle helps you remain productive by creating estimated time to complete your projects and notifying you when you’re about to finish your estimation. This tracking app also enables you to calculate your time’s worth and determine your project’s billable rates. Another great feature is this app automatically detects ideal times and issues a notification alert when you aren’t tracking your projects.

Google Drive

There’s a ton of information you’re expected to remember as a freelance writer, and handling all this can quickly become too much. This is where Google Drive comes to your rescue because this platform enables you to store all your sheets, docs, and every other relevant information conveniently on the web. As a result, you free your brain from remembering everything, which allows you to better focus on your work.

When the time comes to share information on Google Drive, all you need to do is to create a shareable link and set the permission to enable access by other users. This also comes in handy when submitting your completed writing projects to your clients.


Spending a lot of your time writing for most days of the week as a creative writer, blogger, copywriter, or journalist can, in the end, feel tiring. This is expected because of the creativity to keep your audiences engaged and simultaneously boost your rankings on Google.

Luckily, this is where content writing tools come in handy. However, not every other tool can effectively increase your productivity, and this guide has outlined the best options to consider to propel your writing career further in 2022.