5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Starting Freelance Writing In 2021

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Technology has revolutionized today’s lives, and people nowadays search for something on the internet to find out more information about something. With this constant supply of content needed by an increasing number of users each day, the demand for freelance content writers is soared in the recent past. And following the global pandemic, many people’s idea of the perfect career has taken a radical swift after many companies downsized, leaving them without a source of income.

If you’re in such a situation or have recently graduated from college, you must be asking yourself whether a career as a freelance writer is a viable career path. Without further ado, here are reasons why a part-time or full-time career as a freelance writer is the right step for you.

Freedom To Work From Anywhere

One of the main perks that attract many people to freelance writing is having the freedom to work from anywhere. And amid the COVID-19 pandemic, this is an attractive proposition as it means you no longer have to leave the safety of your home to get to work. Therefore, you’ll be in a better position to safeguard yourself and your family from the deadly coronavirus, which has sent shock waves worldwide.

If you’re a free spirit and enjoy traveling, then a career as a freelance writer is no doubt quite appealing. And this is with valid reason because all you need to work as a freelance writer is a stable internet connection and a laptop, and you’re good to go.

Be Your Own Boss

The appeal of being your boss is among the main reasons why you should consider a career in freelance writing. This is more so the case if you don’t enjoy someone constantly breathing down your neck, ordering you back and forth on what you’re expected to do. In such a situation, then venturing into freelance writing is, without a doubt, the right decision.

As a freelance writer, you’ll be entirely in charge of everything you do. This includes where you work, what time you work, how much you charge for your services, how many hours you work each day, and so on. Therefore, you enjoy the freedom of not having someone supervise you and expect you to meet the deadlines or expectations.

Increased Demand For Freelance Writers

Finding a job is increasingly getting hard with each passing day as many of the career paths are either getting obsolete due to technology or flooded with many people. Fortunately, this isn’t the case if you choose to become a freelance writer and get better chances of being hired.

One of the main reasons for this is many businesses are nowadays using digital marketing a lot more than traditional marketing to promote their goods and services to potential clients. Therefore, they need to regularly post relevant content on their sites to provide their target audience with more information. With this greater demand for web copy, you shouldn’t have difficulty finding a paying writing gig to make some money.

Nonetheless, starting as a freelance writer will be challenging because of the steep competition with the more skilled writers. And to increase better your chances of succeeding in this competitive environment, you should charge less to complete your project while starting. As time passes, you’ll be able to refine your writing skills better and be in a better position of tackling better-paying jobs.

No More Commuting

The hassle of commuting to and from work is not only time-wasting but also very expensive. This commute is even made more challenging with the possibility of contracting the dreaded coronavirus. And if all this doesn’t sound at all appealing, then a career in freelance writing in 2021 is the perfect career path for you.

As a freelance writer, you get to work at the comfort of your home as your client’s primary concern is whether you complete the allocated duties on time. Not having to go to work from the office increases your productivity as you no longer waste your time on the road while commuting. This can be at least 10 hours each week for the average American, and this lost time translates to lost income. In addition, working from home means you don’t have to use your already strained budget to eat lunch out, do routine vehicle maintenance, and buy quality work clothes.

Improved Job Security

When the COVID-19 struck back in 2020, many people in formal jobs lost their livelihoods. This happened because many companies couldn’t afford to pay them due to the lockdowns and curfews implemented by governments worldwide. And while these formal jobs are often depicted to be offer better job security, this proved actually not to be the case as freelance writers still got some stream of income even during these dire economic times.

The reason why this was the case is that freelance writers usually don’t depend on one client for their income. This is because freelance writers still have other clients paying them for their services even when one client ends a project. Therefore, you always have a stream of regular income. But to enjoy better job security, you should always do your best to get new clients to ensure you can consistently get paid for the services rendered.

There’s No Need For Special Training

Many people in today’s generation usually dream of making money fast, and this explains why the internet is many schemes on how to amass a massive sum of money quickly. However, many of these end up being scams, and you eventually lose your hard-earned money. You shouldn’t have such a similar concern should you decide to become a content writer since there are many legit platforms to find paying clients.

The best thing about all this is there’s no need for special training. Instead, all that’s needed is a stable internet connection and a computer. Your will and desire to learn more will also push you further in your wish to become a freelance content writer. In addition, you should consider buying tools that can help you improve your writing skills.


A career in freelance writing is still the right career path, so long as you have the right set of skills. However, you might coy from becoming a freelance writer due to not having a better understanding of the perks you’ll enjoy for choosing this career path. This article, in this case, has sought to enlighten you on the benefits you’ll enjoy for choosing to become a freelance writer.

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